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1:1 Learning

Our Vision

The world that our students live in and explore has been impacted greatly by technology. BCHS will provide opportunities to learn using 21st century skills to acquire knowledge for a changing world inside and out of school. To accomplish this vision, BCHS asks that all students in grades 9-12 bring a personal laptop with them to school on a daily basis. This is known as 1:1 Learning.


Current research into 1:1 laptop programs finds the following benefits:

  • ability to formatively assess learning; 
  • ability to individualize instruction;
  • capacity for self-guided pacing; 
  • ability to access online resources; 
  • capacity for student interaction and collaboration; and 
  • capacity for networked communication and materials management.

Dunleavy M., Dexter S., Heinecke W.F. (2007) What added value does a 1:1 student to laptop ratio bring to technology-supported teaching and learning? Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. Volume 23, Issue 5, pages 440–452, October 2007

Alberta Education completed a three year study of the impact of 1:1 in Alberta schools. Called the Emerge Project, the project found

Emerge students became more expert in the use of technology to augment their learning through increased engagement in complex thinking and inquiry learning, informed access to Internet-based context and resources, diverse online communications, and student development of technology-based projects that demonstrated their learning.


School Council Presentation

At a School Council meeting on February 27, 2012, Steve Greene, Darren Dick, Ian Higginbottom and Brad Skinner presented our staff recommendation for laptop computer use for all grade 9-12 students. This initiative is referred to as1:1 Learning. Our reasons and rationale for this recommendation were outlined as well as how it will impact student learning and classroom instruction in the future. We then allowed parents to ask questions. 

Letter to Parents - On May 31st, 2012 a letter was sent home to parents.


Below are one on one learning resources for parents and students.

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