2019-2020 Back to School

Welcome Back!

Welcome to Banff Community High School 2019-2020. We are looking forward to the year ahead, especially hearing about our returning students’ summers and meeting all our new students.

School starts on Tuesday September 3rd at 8:20am with all students and staff meeting in the gym for our first assembly. We will have a home room session for each grade and then work through the schedule albeit with shorter lessons than a regular day. Lunch will be at 12:25 - 1:25 on Tuesday only and we finish at 3:24 pm. 

Staffing News

Welcome to Ms Allyson Vanimpe, our new School and Family Wellness Worker, who will be working at both CRPS Banff schools this year. This is a new role expanding our student support team and she will be at BCHS every afternoon from 1pm. 

Ms Myka Breymann has been appointed as our new school counsellor and will also continue with her Learning Support Teacher position. She is more than qualified for the role and brings her knowledge of graduation pathways and transitions from her years as the principal of the CRPS summer school. Ms Breymann will support our students with academic counselling and will be available to students and parents throughout each day. 

Please contact either of them if you have any questions about your child’s growth and needs and to set up appointments. All staff emails are: firstname.lastname@crps.ca 

Student Timetables and Course Change Requests

Student timetables will be available on Tuesday in the home room session. They are also available from Thursday August 29th through Student Portal for PowerSchool. Students requesting a course change will need to complete a course change form available in the office but wait and stay in their current course until there is a follow up meeting with the counsellor or administration.

WILD 15 Wilderness Inspiring Leadership Development)  Returns to BCHS

Thanks to a donation from the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation students can once again take WILD 15 Course in Block D in Semester 1. This program is an exciting opportunity to create deeper connections between students and our local wilderness, their peers and ultimately themselves. Students also gain Water Experience 15 credits and Winter Travel 15 credits. The course will be taught in Banff by Colleen Lee from the Outdoor Learning Centre. Please see Ms Miles if you are interested. There will be a course fee of $250. 

Dual Credit Courses with Olds College and Bow Valley College

Grade 10-12 students may take these courses outside of the timetable if they are academically motivated to do do. They gain college and high school credits. Students who indicated that they wanted to take these courses in the spring MUST meet with Mrs Macnamara in the library on Thursday September 5th to register. Due to the financial arrangement with CRPS and the colleges once students are registered they MUST complete the course.

Photo Day

Photo Day is on Friday September 6th. Photos are taken for families to choose to buy but also importantly for the school’s records and student ID. They are also used in the Yearbook. Therefore students need to be identifiable with their faces and hair showing; if the photographer is not able to get this portrait then he or she will not be able to take the photo. Retake day is on Tuesday October 15th.

Family Welcome BBQ (Open House and Student Council Fundraiser)

Please join us at our Family Welcome BBQ on Tuesday September 10th from 5.30pm to 7pm. We will have a quick welcome presentation in the gym at 5.45pm and then you can meet your child’s teachers and walk around the school. Our Student Council will be hosting the BBQ and it will be a fundraiser for them so please come along and support.

Hike Day 2019

Our annual tradition to take students on a variety of hikes in Banff National Park this year is tentatively set for Thursday September 19th. Please encourage your child to take part as this is a great way to get to know other students and explore Canada’s best (because we are biased) National Park!

School Hours

School starts at 8:20 am.  Lunch is from 12:52 to 1:52 pm.  Dismissal is at 3:24 pm. Details of lesson times are in the Student-Parent handbook available on the website and times are posted around the school too.


BCHS 2019/2020

Morning bell


Block A

8:20 - 9:44

Period 1 

8:20 - 9:02

Period 2

9:02 - 9:44


9:44 - 9:54

Block B 


Period 3

9:54 - 10:36

Period 4 

10:36 - 11:18  


11:18 - 11:28 

Block C

11:28- 12:52 

Period 5

11:28 - 12:10 

Period 6 

12:10 -12:52 


12:52 -1:52 

Block D


Period 7

1:52 -2:38

Period 8

2:38 -3:24  


Half Day Friday

Morning bell


Block A

8:20 -9:20

Period  1

8:20 -8:50

Period 2




Block B

9:30 - 10:30

Period  3

9:30 - 10:00

Period 4




Block C


Block 5


Block 6




The best tool for staying in touch with what is going on at school is through our website.  The web address is http://bchs.crps.ca/.  Here you can see upcoming events, the annual calendar, announcements, the school handbook and quick links to both Moodle and PowerSchool. Moodle is a student’s master binder – a computerized system that holds all course material for each class.  Here are the course content, assignments and due dates, marks, teacher feedback – everything you need to help your child be successful. It is good practice to go online at least once a week to see what announcements are there to ensure you and your student aren’t missing out on something. PowerSchool (Parent Portal) is where you can track attendance (you will be alerted by email if your student has missed class/classes on the same day), marks, receive Report Cards, pay school fees, etc. Please contact the office if you require assistance with setting up your Parent Portal.


One of the great things about BCHS is the opportunity for all students to take part in a team sport. At the junior high level we do hold tryouts and all students get to play.  Here are a list of sports and the month they start in. There is a fee associated with each sport. This is determined at the beginning of the season. The Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation support our sports teams reducing team fees by about a half. Mr Ian Higginbottom is our athletic director; please contact him with any team queries. 

September /October                                                                              

Golf and Cross Country-Running –Junior/Senior

X Country Zones/Provincials

Volleyball tryouts first two weeks – Junior /Senior Teams    

Season of Play for Junior/ Senior Volleyball teams

November / December                                                                                 

Volleyball Zones/Provincials

Basketball tryouts last two weeks Junior/Senior Teams

Basketball Season of Play

January / February                                                                                  

Basketball Season of Play                                                 

March / April                                                                                

Basketball zones/provincial                     

Badminton tryouts

Badminton Season of Play                                                       

Rugby Practice/tryouts                      

May / June

Rugby Season of Play                                                                                             

Badminton Zones/Provincials                                               

Rugby Zones

Rugby Provincials

All Grade 10-12 students and parents must create a MyPass account.

STUDENTS/PARENTS/GUARDIANS**Alberta Education has now provided students with a powerful new tool (MyPass) to track their progress in completing their High School Diploma.

MyPass is an Alberta Education secure self-service website for high school students to:

√ View and print diploma exam results statements

√ Order transcripts

√ View progress towards a credential (diploma or certificate)

√ View and print detailed academic reports (DAR)

Visit myPass.alberta.ca to request access

School Fees

As per Canadian Rockies School Division’s Administrative Procedure 503 payment for school fees is due 30 days after invoicing.  School fees are generally invoiced at the end of September after course changes are completed. Payment can be made by cash or cheque at the school office.  Debit or credit card payments can be made online through your Parent Portal https://powerschool.crps.ca/public/.  Please contact the school office to make payment arrangements.  Delinquent accounts are sent to a collection agency after June 30th of each year.

Parent Council

Being part of the Parent Council is a wonderful way to stay abreast of what is happening in the school and being involved.  We would love to see you! The first meeting is on Monday September 23rd at 4.15pm in the library.

BCHS Attendance Line

Banff Community High School has an attendance line to assist us in tracking student attendance.

Parents are encouraged to use this tool when notifying the school. Only those absences confirmed by a parent are considered excused. Absences must be excused within 24 hours.

Please follow the procedure below when notifying the school:

  • Call 403-762-4411 choose Option 1 for the attendance line

  • Follow the online prompt leaving the following information:

Parent name

Name and grade of student

Date/dates and reason for absence

The family of students with an unexcused absence/late will receive an email from the school. Please follow up by replying to the email or by calling the school. Remember you can check which class was missed on your Parent Portal.

Student Sign In/Out, Late Slips

Students must sign in at the office when arriving late to collect a late slip. The late slip will be given to their teacher,  tracked each day and followed up with the student and/or parent if necessary. Students arriving late to class without a late slip will directed to the office. Students must also sign out when leaving school during the regular school day. This does not excuse the student, a parent must still notify the school of the absence/late.

CRPS Facebook and Twitter

Please follow CRPS on Facebook and Follow/Tag us on Twitter, so you can stay up-to-date on all CRPS school related issues, updates, and information.

Important Dates in September & October

September 2             Labour Day, no school

September 3             First day of school for Grade 1 to 8 students

September 5             Welcome back BBQ hosted by our Grad Class of 2020

September 6             Photo Day

September 10           Family Welcome BBQ 5.30pm 

September 19           Hike Day 

September 23           School Council Meeting, 4:15 pm Library

September 24           Bear Care Community Fair

September 25           Terry Fox Run

September 27            P.D. Day - 11:40am dismissal

September 30           Heroes Week launched with Orange Shirt Day

October 10                Honours Society

October 11                Turkey Trot and P.D. Day - 11:40am dismissal

October 14                Thanksgiving Day, no school



It is not necessary to purchase all new supplies, please reuse/recycle. Many supplies overlap between subjects.

Agenda can be paper or electronic.

BCHS asks that all students bring a personal laptop and charger with them to school on a daily basis. Students must supply their own earbuds or headphones.


2” -3 Ring Binder, blank paper, graph paper, lined loose leaf paper, pens (blue, black, red), pencils and pencil

sharpener, ruler, 2 highlighters, eraser, calculator, dividers (1 pkg), pencil crayons/markers


Pens – Blue/Black

Pencil case/box with HB Pencils, Eraser, Pencil Crayons, Colored Markers and Pencil Sharpener

Glue Stick/White Glue

Ruler, Pair of Small Scissors

Binders with ample Loose leaf, lined paper and blank paper

6 Dividers for LA

2” 3 Ring Binder & dividers (Grade 9 Social Studies)


Sr High calculator (TI 84) for academic math 20/30

Grade 9/10 Calculator (Sharp Advanced DAL or Casio FX Series) ,

Grade 9 - Coiled Notebook (500 pages), Ruler, Compass & Protractor

2” 3 Ring Binder, Pencils or Mechanical Pencil & Lead, Eraser, Graph Paper

P.E. (Physical Education)

Gym Strip (T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Shorts, Sweatpants, Gymnasium Running Shoes)

*Hiking Shoes/Boots are NOT acceptable

*Shorts should have Elastic or Drawstring Waist ( NO blue jean cutoffs, short shorts or those which require a belt)


Pencils (sharp) - labelled with name

Duo tang or twin-pocket portfolio for notes and handouts


Folder, Clipboard or Binder, Pens/Pencils

Laptop or Chrome book

Closed toed shoes - no flip flops. Aprons are provided in class.


2” 3 ring binder

Supply of lined paper



The Art Course Fee provides the student with basic supplies used in the classroom. Students will need an “ART KIT”

(sketchpad, paints, brushes, etc.) which can be purchased through the school and used throughout all the levels of Art

through to Grade 12. The “Art Kit” contents and costs for each grade level will be available on Course Outlines

Each student should also have their own pencil and eraser.


2” 3 Ring Binder & Dividers


Pencil, Instrument, Box of Reeds, Valve Oil, Cork Grease, Music Folder (supplied)


Clothing appropriate for all types of mountain weather.


Coil Bound Graph Paper Notebook - Hilroy 80 pages - Metric Quad 5 mm (Blue cover) - BV Basics

Pencils / Pens / Pencil Crayons / Markers