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Located at Canmore Collegiate High School

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NEW in 2019!

World Religions 30 (3 credits)

In this day and age, globalization enables people to communicate and interact with people of varied cultures and backgrounds.  A key to understanding others is recognizing their beliefs and values about life. A deep and informed awareness of world religions will allow students to be respectful of the many people they will come across in the course of their lifetime. In order to understand how individuals make decisions, consider politics, react to conflict, etc. it is imperative to understand their relationship to religion.  This course allows students to examine the fundamental philosophies of seven major world religions, as well as the human interpretations and practices of these religions. Open to grades 11 and 12 (no diploma exam for this course).

Back by Teacher Request!

Introduction to Canadian Studies (ELL Social Studies) - 5 Credit Course 15 and 25 level 

Summer school is offering Introduction to Canadian Studies 15 & 25 to provide English Language Learners (ELL) an awarness of the cultural/social/political background of Canada.  This course provides background knowledge of Canada by exploring shared beliefs, customs, way of life, and historical background.  This course will prepare English Language Learners for the demands of Social Studies 10, 20, & 30 level courses.  It is recommended that students with Benchmarks between 1 and 3 in grades 9 to 11 attend this course.

Ang layunin ng “Introduction to Canadian Studies 15 &25” ay makapagbigay sa mga English Language Learners (ELL) ng karanasan sa Ingles habang natututo tungkol sa kultural, social at politikal na kamalayan sa kasaysayan at pulitika ng bansang Canada. Ang “Introduction to Canadian Studies 15 & 25” ay makakapagbigay ng kadagdagang kaalaman tungkol sa Canada sa pamamagitan ng pagdidiskubre ng mga karaniwang paniniwala, pamumuhay, at kasaysayan. Ang kursong ito ay makakatulong upang maihanda ang mga estudyante para sa mga kursong Social Studies 10, 20, & 30. Inirerekomenda ito sa mga estudyanteng nasa grade 9 hanggang 11 na may benchmark (grado) sa pagitan ng 1 hanggang 3.

Some courses are only offered if you are repeating. For a complete list of courses please visit the registration form here  or see below.

First time courses (Sci 10, Math 10C) require a minimum average of 80% in core academic courses as well as recommendation from the principal or academic counselor. Also, we require students to identify the reason they would like to accelerate their high school course completion.

Some eligibility restrictions apply.

COURSE FEE:  $150.00 per course  - $100.00 is refundable if students complete a full course with a passing grade and return all the course materials/textbooks.  Refunds do not apply to junior high school students, out of district students or international students. An official transcript is required for out of district or international students.

Adult students (19+) $500.00 per course - An official transcript is required.

International students $935.00 per 5-credit course. An official transcript is required.


Contact or call (403) 403-707-5553 for more information


Classes run 8:22 a.m. to 1:52 p.m. Monday to Friday- July 1 to July 19 (excluding weekends).


Summer School Course Overview for 2019

Junior High *Preview/*Review Courses

Grade 8 - English, Social Studies, Math, Science and Canadian Studies

Grade 9 - English, Social Studies, Math, Science and Canadian Studies

*Preview/Review courses completion will not alter school year course marks

High School Grade 10

First time courses offered (or needing to upgrade) - English 10-2, Social Studies 10-2, Math 10-3, Math 10-4, Science 14, Canadian Studies 15, ESL 2, 3, 4, *Math 10C and *Science 10

Upgrading Previously Attempted or Completed Courses - English 10-1, Social Studies 10-1, Math C and Science 10

*First time Courses Math 10C and Science 10 require 80% average in grade 9 math and a principal recommendation

High School Grade 11

First time courses offered (or needing to upgrade) - English 20-2, Social Studies 20-2, Math 20-3, Math 20-4, Science 24, Canadian Studies 25, ESL 2, 3, 4, and World Religion 30 (open to grade 11 students by principal recommendation).

Upgrading Previously Attempted or Completed Courses - English 20-1, Social Studies 20-1, Math 20-1, Math 20-2, Bio 20, Physics 20 and Chemistry 20

High School Grade 12

First time courses offered (or needing to upgrade) - English 30-2, Social Studies 30-2, Math 30-3, Math 30-4, ESL 2, 3, 4, and World Religion 30

Upgrading Previously Attempted or Completed Courses - English 30-1, Social Studies 30-1, Math 30-1, Math 30-2,  Bio 30, Science 30, Chemistry 30 and Physics 30